4 of the Top Apps for 2013


2013 was a big year for technology and gadgets. Microsoft released their new tablet PC range “Microsoft Surface” and we saw other new gadgets such as smart watches, Google glass and the Google chrome cast. But with all these new fancy gadgets they need great software to run them on, not to mention how to make those gadgets more fun and useful.

For 2013 in software for windows users, we saw that the most downloaded apps were for security, utilities for maintaining your PC, music and graphic apps.

In my Opinion, these apps are my favorite, some are Free and some are paid apps for windows. I believe that these apps will be useful for you also. To all my readers Happy New Year, and Happy Blogging!

4 of the Top Apps for 2013 – Windows OS

1. Kindle for PC – Free

Here are 4 of the top apps for 2013

top apps for 2013

E Books have become very popular, I have just started to use eBooks more, for myself and the best software to view them on would be Kindle for PC. For many of us who are still using Microsoft Windows platform, whether it’s your tablet, phone or PC. Kindle for PC is a free app for your windows platform. It will allow you to read popular amazon eBooks on your windows device.

The thing that I like most about using this app is that it is very easy to install, and it will sync automatically from your amazon account. if you have bookmarks or have taken notes that you have saved, through other digital devices, they will be transferred when you read the E Book on this software. Also I have realized, that if you have PDF format eBooks you can use this app to read your PDF books as well.


The pros

  • it’s easy to use interface
  • Syncs with your kindle device.

The cons

  • Minimal features and
  • No highlighting feature.


2. Malware bytes Anti-Malware Pro

Recently I have been looking for a free alternative to help fight malware from my computer. I had accidentally installed toolbar onto my computer which also infected it with malware and I had such hard time getting rid of it. I came across Malware byte’s. The free version had some limited features so I decided to get the Pro version. I found that this had some better features than the free one and was able to remove all nasty malware, Trojans, spyware, adware and root-kits that the free version left behind in my system. I believe that this product provides the ultimate cutting edge in Technology. This is defiantly on my list of the top 4 apps in 2013


Overall, this product did a great job removing all the nastiest malware. It also detected lots of junk in the computer that I thought I didn’t have and the once off fee is pretty reasonable. . If you want to know more, click on the link here


3. Acronis True Image 2014

My friend recently forgot to back up his system this year, and it saw him losing all his saved work. We all have been the victims of not regularly backing up our work, which is why it’s important, for us to find a great product that we can trust.

Acronis true image is one of the best backup systems for the home user. It is one of the most popular backup software on the market. It has a simple interface, has short, helpful descriptions that helps the user with the things they might want to do. It also has a cloud based back up feature, where you can sync your files to online backup storage.


I have found that one of the best features was the ability to back up your emails, but it’s strongest functions is it’s default disk backup and cloning functions. Find out more about Acronis by clicking on the link


4. YouTube Downloadedr.

Have you ever wanted to download those you tube videos to your PC? I found that this free product was able to provide the basic job of downloading and saving files from YouTube.


This app is easy to use and it is able to integrate quite well with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Another great feature is that you can set it up in a way in which you could download a video with just one simple click.

Click here to find out more

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Final Thoughts

Well these have been my favorite apps for 2013.  What are yours? Leave your comments and suggestions below and I’ll respond within 24hrs

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional