ashampoo photo commander 12 review


Is your Photo Collection holding you back? take back control of your photo collection with Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 The most simple and easy to use Photo Editing Software in today’s Market


Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Review

Version: 12.0.7
Platform: Win XP, Win VistaTM, Win 7, Win 8
Size: 258.58 MB / 265154 KB / 271518269 B
Price: $49.99 US
Owners: Ashampoo

Ashampoo Photo Commander is more than just your average photo editing software. It is a simple, and easy photo editing software on the market today. Here is Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 review


ashampoo photo commander 12 review

Ashampoo Review

It actually allows you to organize your photo collection more efficiently.  It has a file explorer type navigation menu,  this allows you to sort your photos by folders and by date.

Photo Commander has lots of built-in tools, which will allow you to edit, optimize and enhance your photos. 

Most of these types of features you can get in other suite of photo editing software, but with Ashampoo Photo commander 12, you can get these tools for a fraction of the Price.

 Create and Edit Photos with Simple and Easy Stunning Visual effects

Ashampoo photo commander 12 can give life to your photos, easy edit photos with a range of professional image effects. Remove image defects on the fly, fix problematic photos with colour and contrast settings to make your precious photos shine.


Ashampoo allows you to quickly lix color problems

Create Awesome Calendars, Collages, and Greeting Cards with Easy to use tools.

With Ashampoo Photo commander 12, surprise your friends and family by making your very own self-made calendars, collages and greeting cards with simple and easy to use tools, which are built into the software. 

edit photos

Ashampoo Allows you easily create custom greeting cards

Share your Photos with your Friends easily with Photo Wizard

Once you have ramped up your photos with the nifty built in effects, Ashampoo Photo commander has the ability to easily upload your photos to social media sites such as Facebook, Picasa, and email, all from within the software itself. 

 photo editing software

Share your photos with social media sites


 Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Software Highlights

  • Easy to use – No steep learning curve thanks to useful introduction windows and program wizards
  • Manage huge photo collections with intelligent column layouts
  • Allows the ability to backup your work
  • Extensive RAW support for high-end cameras
  • Organize photos with powerful filter and tagging features
  • Batch-copy, rename, move and convert photos
  • 1-click photo optimizer for excellent image quality
  • Perfect color tones with gradation curves
  • Add and design texts, arrows and other objects
  • Professional image effects, e.g. Oil Painting and Pencil Sketch
  • Turn photos into slideshows, calendars, collages, panoramas and greeting cards
  • Integrated uploader for Facebook, Picasa, Youtube and Ashampoo Webspace

Pros and Cons

Ashampoo photo Commander 12 Review Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Enhance your photos fast
  • Easy and Simple to use software


  • Comes with other annoying advertising offers, for other Ashampoo software



Final Verdict – Ashampoo Photo commander 12 Review

I hope you like Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Review.  Ashampoo is one of the best photo editing software in todays market.  It has a great range of editing tools which are easy and simple to use. It gets the job done fast.  For the products features and ease of use, at $49.99, the price is real value for money. 


Try Photo Commander 12 – Photo editing software today for Free

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional