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belkin screencastHave you ever wondered how you could setup your pc using two TVs or maybe just one TV in another room of your house?

Today I like to share some of my tips and other benefits of Belkin screencast

So, I was looking for a way to connect my PC which was in my bedroom to my Sony Brivia TV which was in the lounge room, for video presentations and using xbmc software on the lounge room. My solution was to get the belkin screen cast.

After taking the time to setting it up I found it was a very simple process and worked really well this way, It was a simple solution without of having the hassle of purchasing addition media players to the lounge room. Picture quality is not that bad. I did find that I had some issues with a windows PC, I am not sure if all devices but the one I got from Belkin I did. However, If you have a MAC it will work without any issues. (I was told by a Belkin Rep about this and he advised me about the above setup.)

Another thing I found was that if you want to use the belkin screencast with two tvs using a hdmi splitter this option would not really work also as the picture quality on a windows machine was not that great, according to a belkin rep this does not work well with the Belkin Screencast


What does your PC Need?

  • Basically any PC with hdmi port will do the job quite well
  • Highly recommend to use with MAC PC



If you are like me and want your home theatre looking neat and tidy you could have all your devices located in another room and use your belkin screencast to transmit the devices from another room to your home theatre TV.

This has been specially designed to keep your equipment hidden away!


Benefits of Belkin Screencast

Effortlessly connects HDTV set and WiDi-equipped laptop.


Final Thoughts

This is a great product especially if you want to have a clean setup of your lounge room, you can have all your devices in out of sight in another room!!

HAVE YOU GOT A BELKIN SCREENCAST? Tell us your experiences! Please Leave your comments below.

Thanks for looking at my site and I hope I have helped you with your decision in getting one. Hope you will get one from my site here directly!!

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional