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Supereasy password Manager

Supereasy password Manager

Ease of use


    Product Interface



      • - Simple to use
      • - clickable links
      • - Bookmark Options


      • - Some sites may not work properly

      Did you know that in 2014 123456 was the most common used password for on-line accounts? If you are looking for the best password management software, then learn why Supereasy password manager is a Must Have


      Most on-line users need to get a good password manager software in order to secure and safeguard on-line accounts.

      I have been using Supereasy password manager, for a while and I have considered it to be the best PC password management software.


      Platform: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8
      Size: 13.28 MB, 13619 KB, 13946060 B
      Language: English, German


      Once you install Supereasy Password Manager, you are prompted to enter a master password. 

      This password, will be used to lock all your passwords within the software. 

      Supereasy Password Manager, has a simple interface with different key areas.  


      Quick Access

      One reason why I think it’s the best password management software, is that once you save your account, (which you can do in your web browser) the quick assess area is where you can launch your favorite online accounts.

      When you click on the link such as it will log into your Facebook page, with the credentials you saved.  



      App Accounts

      If you use any apps which require secure log in, such as Skype this is where the credentials will be saved and stored. 

      Quickly add a new account, or access existing ones.  It also has a built in password generator, to create a new secured password for you.




      Another reason why it’s the best password management software, is because of the Bookmarks feature. 

      In the Bookmarks tab you can easily add bookmarks, and manage bookmarks.

      Its easy to import your existing bookmarks from your favorite web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. 



      Password Generator

       now Its amazing how many people use basic passwords such as:

      – 123456

      – qwerty

      – password

      These are among the top 3 passwords, people used for 2014.  You really need to generate more secure passwords, so hackers cannot hack your account.  

      SuperEasy Password Manager has a simple, easy and safe to use password generator.

      It allows you to easily generate a unique password with one click. 

      Additional options are available to use special characters and symbols to generate a unique password. 



      Secure Memos

      Create encrypted memos you may have, and safeguard the documentation securely.



      All Features

      • Fill out forms instantly
      • Log In automatically
      • Manage web accounts
      • Integrated password generator
      • Manage app accounts
      • Create encrypted identities
      • Create encrypted memos
      • Virtual keyboard
      • Encrypted backups of your passwords



      Final Thoughts

      I consider SuperEasy Password Manager Pro, to be best password management software. The reason why is that it’s a simple robust tool to safeguard your online activity. Don’t use basic random passwords like 123456 and generate a more secure password today! 

      If you work between different computers, you can create a secured and encrypted USB flash drive, to carry your passwords and sensitive information wherever you go.

      I hoped you liked my article on Supereasy password manager review 

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      Anthony Rousek


      Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

      Anthony Rousek
      Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional