Build My List Review

I’ve started to do some research in internet marketing software and online courses, and Build My List by Jimmy Kim caught my eye.

I have had interests in internet marketing for quite sometime now, and was always curious if they were scams or not.  So today I’d like to give you my personal case study.  Here is my Build My List Review.

What is Build My List?build my list

Basically Build my list is an online “Online course” where founder Jimmy Kim guides you with a 5 step training course to build a list.

Jimmy kim

If you are a newbie to Internet Marketing, then this course is for you.  He will take you by the hand and guide you. Through the course, you will gain practical experience and learn all the fundamentals about email marketing. 

You will be given hands on practical video training, and you are required to follow each step.  When you follow the 5 step procedures, through the training modules you can start to earn income online. (However there are no guarantees).

What you will get in this Course

The course is setup into different sections called Modules. You are required to follow each of the 5 modules and follow the procedures.  Here’s a run down:

Module 1:

In this module, you will gain the fundamental knowledge of why list building is important for your business, the value of a list, how we build a list and the 3 essentials of list building.  You will also learn about how to write your own email swipes (an important aspect in internet marketing), and how to gain Authority in your respected niche. 

Module 2:

In this module, you will start to gain some practical hands on experience.  You will learn about auto-responders, and why they are important tool in the Internet Marketing business. You will be shown by the hand on how to setup a auto responder and start to make your own email swipes. You will also learn about how to load emails into an auto responder. 

Module 3:

In this section, you will learn about how to find products to promote and sell. This section you will learn about affiliate marketing, and how with affiliate marketing you can make money by selling other peoples products. 

Module 4:

This is where the fun starts.  You will be able to start implementing what you have learn’t in the previous lessons.  You will get a simple step by step videos to follow as you apply it to your own real life strategies.  You will get a free website builder that comes with the auto responder software that Jimmy recommends to use.  You will learn about how to create your own squeeze pages.   

Module 5

Once you have put together all your practical efforts, you are now ready to get your customers.  In this section you will learn how to get customers to your website and start to make a profitable business online.(Hopefully!)

What else is included?

  • Support when you need it most
  • 5 training modules
  • Daily webinars
  • Free ebook
  • 3 months free access to sendlane auto responder and website builder

Final Verdict

This is a great product for newbies, who have little experience with internet marketing.  Its a great way to get started.  If you have low income as well, then this product is well worth the money.  

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