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How to convert video to watch on your Smart Device

Today I learnt how to convert and upload a video to your Smart Device, so that you can watch your TV Show or Movie that you have downloaded from your PC.


You can also download and convert video to most well known devices such as iPhone, iPod, Microsoft’s XBOX 360, or Sony Play Station. You could even upload video to social media sites such as Facebook, or You tube, with one click!

convert video


These days lots of Internet Service Providers have restrictions on their plans on how much you can download and or have time usage restrictions depending in which part of the world you live.


This can chew up your internet data usage, and at the end of the month you could have high Internet Bills. 

Here in Australia we have download restrictions, every time that I would stream a video, it would take up bandwidth which chewed up my data allowance for the month. 

So instead of streaming video to save my Internet data usage, I usually download a movie or TV show directly to my computer, so that I could view it offline.

Then I often would convert a video and upload it to my android tablet or smartphone to watch a TV show or movie on the way to work.

All this took time, and I wanted a simple, one click solution to convert and upload the video to a device such as my Samsung Galaxy S4.  I finally came across a product called AVS Video converter.  This has to be one of the best ways to convert video on the market today.  It is really quick and simple to use. 

In this how to I’d like to give you a walk through on how to convert a video to your android smartphone, so you can watch that TV show or movie on the train into work. 


What you will Need for this Tutorial

  • Android Device such as smart phone or tablet – where you want to watch your video.
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Windows Desktop PC or Laptop
  • AVS VIDEO CONVERTER Download here

How To Convert a Video using AVS Video Converter

1. Download the software and install it on your PC.  You can download it from here.

2. Start The executable file AVS Video converter. Once the Graphical User Interface starts, select the Devices Tab.


convert video


3. Select the Device that you want the video to be converted to.  In this example we are going to use Android. Select the Android tab.

4. Then we need to select the source file we want to convert.  Select the Browse icon as shown.

convert video


5. Then Select the location and the source video to convert.  In this example, we are choosing the video named “wildlife”

convert video


6.  Double-click on the file, and then choose the profile of the output video.  Make sure that you have selected Android, and then Choose the Output file Name and location. (Take note of the Output file Location. In this example it is on partition marked F  Then click Convert now Icon.

convert video


7. Plug your Android Device to your PC with your Micro USB Cable.  Once the convert has finished it will ask you for several options.  Click on the upload Icon option.

8.  The Software should detect your device as shown below.

convert video

In this example, the software has found my Android device which is a GT-19295 Smartphone.  Once it has been discovered, click on the upload icon to proceed. 

You will then receive a message saying that it has been completed successfully.

convert video


That’s It, You have successfully uploaded your video to your Android smartphone.  You could follow this procedure for any device.  There are a lot of devices, supported by this software such as the Apple IPhone


Testing the Upload to Android Device.

1. On your smartphone device navigate to  My Files app. This is a great app I often use to browse files on my smartphone. If you don’t have it you can download it from Google Play. 

2. Once you have started the app, select All files.

convert a video


3. Select the Video Icon

convert video

4. Then you can see that the video we have uploaded is in the directory. click on it to start watching the video. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

These days when you download video, one of the biggest dilemmas you are going to face is compatibility issues, each device these days has its own unique format, you need to convert video to different devices such as the Apple IPhone, Android smartphone or Tablet, or Microsoft’s XBOX 360. or IPOD   Every time you start a video on these devices you often get an error message saying that the video is unsupported.  In my experience, I have found using AVS Video converter, to be a suitable option to overcome these types of problems.  The only thing will be that will probably annoy you, is that you will have to convert the video to your needs, this can be an issue if you own two different type of gadgets such a an Apple Smart Phone or an XBOX 360. 

Overall I have found this product to suit my needs, it is a very powerful application and it is fast to convert a video.  I would give this product a 9.5 out of 10. What are your experiences using AVS Video Converter? Please leave your comments below and please share and share a like.


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convert video


convert video

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional