How to create a bootable USB drive

How to Create bootable USB Drive

Do you have a spare USB Flash Drive lying around, and want to install an Operating System on it, but don’t understand all the technical command prompt codes to Create or Boot from USB? Still Having Trouble using the USB/DVD Tool to install Microsoft Windows? Today I’d like to share with you, how easy it is to Create a Bootable USB Drive.


bootable How to create a bootable USB drive


The Other day I was planning to install  Windows Server 2012. I wanted to use my USB Flash drive, as my PC didn’t have an internal DVD Drive.  I came across this great software which will allow me to do this very easily. 


I came across this great utility called Rufus.  It is a utility software, which will allow you create bootable USB drives so you can install software such as Windows and Linus.  You may have heard about Universal USB Installer and Windows 7 USB Download tool, which helps you to create a bootable windows installation drive from an ISO image onto your USB Flash Drive.  


The Benefits

When Testing Rufus, I found it was very simple to use.  It also didn’t have any problems copying an ISO image onto my USB Drive.  Some other software such as the USB/DVD Tool, I found with other versions of windows, came up with errors.


Installing Rufus

Installing the software is very easy easy process, just start the executable file and follow the step by step wizard.


How to USE Rufus to Install Windows and make USB drive bootable.


Step One: Prepare your USB Drive

1 Plug in your blank USB Flash drive to an available port on your PC.

2. You are going to need to do a fresh format, so ensure that your flash drive is empty. 

3. Start my computer app in Windows, by pressing the windows key + E


Step Two: Format USB Flash Drive

1. Select your USB Flash Drive in My computer app, in my example the USB drive is H: but it could be different to your system .

bootable usb drive


2.  Right-click H: then press format in the drop down menu

bootable usb drive


3. Then the format menu will be displayed, press the format button to start format your USB Drive


4. Ensure that you don’t have any data on the drive.

bootable usb drive


Step Three: Using Rufus to Install Windows and make a bootable USB Drive


1. We are going to use a utility called Rufus.  Start the RUFUS Executable file.  In this example we are going to install Microsoft Windows onto the USB Flash drive and make bootable USB Drive. 

2. In the RUFUS Program, select the cd Icon as highlighted in the Picture below

bootable usb drive


3. Double click on the  Windows ISO Image that you want to use to make bootable USB Drive


bootable usb drive


4. The software will analyze the image then click on the start icon, as shown to start to copy windows and make bootable USB drive


bootable usb drive


5. The copy process will start

bootable usb drive


That’s it, you should now have a bootable USB Drive that you can use to install windows


Top Tip: When you Install Windows, ensure that your flash drive is set to boot first in the BIOS, otherwise your computer will not read your flash drive and your Windows Installation will not start.



Final Thoughts to Make a Bootable USB Drive

Rufus is a very simple utility to make your USB Flash drive bootable.  You can Install any Windows Operating System or Linux system on your USB Drive and make it bootable, without having to use a DVD Drive.  Most computers these days are shipped without a DVD Drive.  So this is a great alternative solution on Installing windows on a Bootable USB Drive. If you wanted to try the Windows USB DVD Tool you can read my previous blog here


If you have found this article useful please share and share a like.  What are your experiences with this software? Please leave your comments below.

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
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