es file explorer account has no permissions solution

Have you been trying to access your shared files from your windows PC and get an error “Account has no Permissions?” Here’s a simple solution to fix the annoying problem

es file explorer account has no permissions solutionSometimes when we try to access our shared files from your windows PC, you may run into an error such as “Account has no Permissions” if you use apps such as ES File Explorer for Android. If you use other network browser apps you also may get a message asking for your windows credentials. 

If you are not worried about securing your shared files, file sharing is a great way to view your content across your devices. But there is a step that people often miss after enabling file sharing, which ends in the error “Account has no Permissions”  


Part 1: Enable Security Permissions

Most people will miss this part, they will normally just go to the Sharing tab and enable sharing, but they don’t give permission to the user in the security tab.  This is why you get the error shown above, because Microsoft Windows is strict with security, you have to tell windows that you want “Everyone” to access your shared drive.  Here are the steps below to enable security Permissions. 

Step 1: If your using windows 7 PC, Right click the shared drive and select properties, as shown below[/share-to-unlock]. 

es file explorer account has no permissions solution


Step 2: In the Properties dialog box, click edit to change permissions.


es file explorer account has no permissions solution


Step 3: In the Permissions for your share drive, select Add

es file explorer account has no permissions solution


Step 4: In the Select users dialog box, type Everyone where it says “enter the object names to select. Click Check Names and then press OK

es file explorer account has no permissions solution


Windows will go through your folders to enable security settings for your shared drive.


es file explorer account has no permissions solution


Part 2: Check your Android app to access your content


Step 1: Start your app such as ES File Explorer, and navigate to your network share location. 

es file explorer account has no permissions solution


Step 2: Now, click on the IP Address such as shown above and you should now be able to access your share drive


Final Thoughts

I hope this tutorial has been helpful and you have now successfully able to access your shared drive from your Android phone.


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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Quentin

    Mr Rousek, my very good man – thank you. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to stream films to my Android Nexus 7, having shared the folders, drives, files etc to smithereens, and to no avail. No-one, it seems, said a word about security permissions, and I honestly thought they’d be taken care of by sharing every single folder, drive (you know). Clearly not.

    Your tutorial nearly made me cry. Thank you. You’ve made me a very happy, and still tonsorially replete man.


    • Anthony Rousek

      no worries I’m glad to help. The security permissions step is one step people often forget. Thanks for dropping by and hope you can stop by again. If there is any other issues you need help drop us a line anytime :)

  • hardik

    superbbbbb thanksss

  • James Mephistopheles Scheuerman

    This did not work for me

    • Anthony Rousek

      Did you setup file sharing on your system? make sure you allow full control

  • Jitu

    Thank you very much. It helped me to share the drives on my PC and access it by Android device.

    • Anthony Rousek

      Hi Jitu, no worries glad I can help :)

  • Jamal

    Hi Anthony

    I have followed your steps carefully and religiously, including allowing “Full Control” to my permissions but I still cannot get access to my D: drive via Network on ES File Explorer.

    I am running:

    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64bit.
    Connected via my Local Lan Connection.

    I am able to view files that the app shows in LAN>USERS>JAMAL>Desktop , Pictures, Videos. But not in my hard drive directories like C: and D:

    If you need more information please let me know.

    I love ES File Explorer for Android. It’s amazing abut this is the only feature that I am unable to use on this app.

    Please advice in the matter.

    Thank you


    • Anthony Rousek

      Hi Jamal
      For me, it sounds like you haven’t setup file sharing for the drive folders. When you go into my computer make sure that you have enabled sharing first in the actual drives itself ie: c: and then d: then make sure you go to Advanced sharing tab, tick share this folder go to permissions and add “Everyone” to the shares. Then you need to do the exact same method for security permissions. Then in the app do a network scan again and your computer should come up again.

      Hope this helps


  • glen howard jr

    i followed your instructions and it looks as if i can now see files stored on the HDD. however i have external USB DVD drive and external USB 1TB storage device that still wont share/cant see. any solutions?

    • Rousek Anthony

      Hi Glen

      There could be many reasons why you cannot see the files. One reason could be cause you have some third party firewalls? Check the filewall settings to allow access. Also check make sure power supply and cables are switched on. You be surprise how many times I have seen this! Also double check you have shared the files properly, check out my guide here

  • Oguzhan

    Hi Anthony,

    If I want to access my Asustor NAS how can i do that , I tried to allow home folder access rights but there is also access control, change nothing . FTP connection works but file sharing not.

    • Anthony Rousek

      Hi Oguzhan, I have never used an Asustor NAS before, the tutorial I did is for Microsoft Windows PC. As far as I know Security Permissions have the most trouble. So I search google about allowing security permissions on the NAS

      Hope it helps

  • Aaron Cobeng


  • Jeff Lewis

    Awesome! After 6 months of messing around, trying to access my movies on my PC from my portable devices, this solved it! Great job with your instructions, and thanks!

  • Ricky Azarcon

    i can access my files in C:/ drive, but when i plug my externalharddrive and share it, i cannot access it. does it have to do with security permissions or my IP configuration?
    i am using my mobile phone for hospot, i connect my tablet and laptop to it. any help would be appreciated. thanks

  • NonnoPalmiro

    and what if i already set the everyone permission on the folders before , like eg on ext usb drive e: , but es file explorer won’t access them except for the public folder in c: ?
    can’t solve this one

  • François Dion

    You solved my problem. I updated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and lost access to files on PC with ES Explorer. Now I know that we have to not only set sharing parameter but also Security parameters. Thank you very much.

  • Richard the First

    Fixed it, many thanks Anthony!