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Have you found that your Computer’s Performance is sluggish? A Fresh Install of Windows may Give your PC a Fresh Boost of life

Your computer, much like a filing cabinet, it may become full and cluttered over time. Your computer’s performance can become slow and sluggish, if you do not regularly maintain your PC.  How many of you out there, have your  desktop Icons full? By cluttering up your computer with files, your computer’s performance can drop also.  If you are experiencing slow and sluggish performance, and your desktop is full of icons and files on your hard drive, a fresh install maybe in order.


Everyone’s computer is different, whether you have a desktop computer, or a Laptop computer, there are different ways in which you can reinstall your computer’s Operating System.  If you have  an OEM Desktop or Laptop computer from your local store, chances, are it also has lots of unwanted utilities added by the system manufacturer. You probably will never need these software utilities, so It would be a good Idea do give your computer a clean Operating System install.


What you need to do before you Install your Operating System

1. Gather your Installation Media

There are many ways you can install a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows, and it really depends on what computer or Laptop you have.  Some typical types of installation media can include: 



You will need some tools such as windows 7 USB/DVD Tool you can find it

fresh install of windows


  • You can use an ISO image which basically is an exact copy of your windows operating system, in the form of a file.  This file can be installed onto a USB flash drive, where you can use the USB flash drive to install windows if your computer does not have a DVD Drive.  Find out how to install windows from usb    




This is one of the easiest ways, to get your system backup and running, basically the OEM DVDs has windows operating system, plus drivers, and additional tools which may be required for your Laptop or OEM Desktop computer.

  • Use your OEM CDs that came with your Laptop or OEM Desktop or an Original windows DVD Disc, or Make your own recovery DVD discs, using the recovery tools on your Laptop. 



fresh install of windows


Option 3: Reinstall Windows from a DVD

fresh install of windows


This may be old school, but it is still the most common way to reinstalling an Operating System.  This type of installation is usually called a clean installation, where you normally format the partition and reinstall Windows and all your software from scratch.



2. Back it up

fresh install of windows

What ever type of installation you are going to choose, remember to backup your existing data and files, as you will not be able to retrieve your existing data.   There are a few great programs which I have previously mentioned in my blogs, a favorite one of mine, is Acronis True Image home.



3. After the Install


fresh install of windows


Once you have reinstalled your Operating System, drivers, software and antivirus software, You will probably want to also create an exact image of your system .  This is sometimes known as cloning a computer (Making an exact copy.) The benefits of cloning your system, is that if you have a virus or run into an un repairable systems error, you can recover your computer to a good state.

Note: Acronis True Image will also allow you to create a System Image, and will allow you to restore your operating system, including drivers, software, and antivirus.  Most times this will take 10 minutes, whereas, doing a full clean Installation of Windows with drivers, software, etc can take anything between 1 – 2hrs or more.


Final Thoughts

I hope I have helped you with some of these tips, in different ways of installing windows.  Remember that computers, much like filing cabinets can become full and cluttered with information.  With a simple fresh installation, you can get your computer back to it’s glory in no time.  You also may find that you may not need to go into lengthy reinstallation of your operating system.  There are also some maintenance tools out there, which will also help to give your computer a fresh Boost of life.  I hope you have found this interesting, please like and share and Have your say by leaving a comment below.    

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional