How to do System Restore with Windows 7

Part 2 of 3 Series in Backup and Restore.

Creating a System Repair Disc and How to Do System Restore with Windows 7

Requirements for this Tutorial:

Windows 7 Home Premium.



how to do system restore

When you need to repair your computer from a Disaster, you can use a System Repair Disc.  The System Repair Disc will help you to recover windows if you cannot boot in to the operating system.  If you have created a System Image of your computer, You can Use the Repair Disc to restore your computer, to the last known good Settings. All your saved data in your user profile settings can be restored, if you have created a backup, you may want to know how to do system restore with windows 7. Today I will show you how easy it is to do.


Create a System Repair Disc

1. Click the start button, in the programs and files search box, type backup and restore, and press enter.

2. In the Backup and Restore dialog Box, Click on Create a System Image, as shown in the picture.

system restore


3. You will need a blank DVD disc, so inserted it into an available drive, then follow the prompts to create the system image

4. Once the Disc has been created you will see a screen like this, make sure you label it so you know what the disc is for.




How to Do System Restore with your Image

When It comes time to repair your computer from Disaster and you need to reinstall windows, use the repair disc and system image that you have created earlier. By using a custom made system image, you won’t have to spend hours of reinstalling all of your operating system, drivers, and programs.    In this tutorial I like to show you a step by step guide to recovering your image files.


1.  Turn on the Computer and insert the system repair disc, ensure that your computer can read from your cd, if not you may need to configure the BIOS (Built in operating system files) boot options to read your cd at boot up.  Refer to your system manual to find out how to do this.

2. Once you have got your cd started you will see a similar windows installation cd like the one shown below




3. You will then be asked to select the keyboard input, US is default settings.



4. Next you will be asked if you want to use recovery tools to fix your pc, or to select restore your computer to restore a system image, select Restore your computer option.




4. Next you will be asked to select your system image, depending on where you saved it, if you have your hdd plugged in you can select the first option use the latest available system image (recommended).

however if you have your image stored on your network drive, I’d like to show you how to retrieve your image from your network share drive.

First we need to select the second option, Select a system image.



5.In the Select a location of the backup for the computer you want to restore box, select Advanced, then select search for a system image on the network.



6. Then specify the location of your image that you want to use to restore your PC and press ok.



7. You will then be asked to enter your credentials to connect to the computer where your image is stored.  Once you have entered them press ok




8. Select the image you want to use and press next to continue



9. Then Select the date and time of the system image to be restored



10. If you need to, in the next dialog box you can select any drivers that you may need to use during the installation.  Once done press next to continue.




11. Then finally confirm your settings and click next to continue.  You will then get a message saying that your disc will be formatted and restored to the image you have chosen.  Press yes to continue.




12. If you have gone through all that you will then see that your computer will start to restore your image.



Final Thoughts

I hope you like my article on how to do system restore with windows 7.

Backing up your computer is very important, and when disaster strikes you will have a backup to restore.  However, Windows backup and restore is not a perfect solution.  There can always be problems especially when trying to restore an image.  It’s not perfect software, I personally have tried it and it is not my favorite software for backing up your computer with.

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional