How to fix a Hard Drive Error

Depending on what the problem you are experiencing with your Hard Drive, it’s quick and painless to easy to fix Hard Drive Errors with MiniTool Power Data recovery.


Not knowing How to fix hard drive error can be daunting.  It can be a shock, when you suddenly realize that you can’t access your files.  Whether it be from your Internal or External Hard Drive, you may be panic state of mind, that you may loose tons of Family Photos or Home Family videos stored on your Hard Drive. 

If you receive errors such as “You Need to format the disk in drive” when accessing folders or your Hard Drive, its really easy to fix thanks to MiniTools Data Recovery software.  No longer will you have to panic, because today I’d like to give you a walk thorough guide on how to fix the dreaded error you may receive when accessing your hard drive, “You need to Format the Disk” error.

how to fix hard drive



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How to Fix a Hard Drive Error

Minitools Data Recovery allows you to fix different types of problems. Options include:

  • Undelete Recovery
  • Damaged Partition Recovery
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • Digital Media Recovery
  • CD/DVD Recovery


Things you will need:

Because we cant access your drive, you will need another hard drive attached to your PC, so you can transfer the files from your corrupted hard drive to the new hard drive.


To fix format Disk Error:


Step 1: When the error pops up that you need to format your hard drive, click cancel.


Step 2: Download Minitools Data Recovery from the link above and install it.


Step 3: create windows 7 bootable usb thumb driveStart the software.


Step 4: In the main console, select “Damaged Partition Recovery” as shown below.

how to fix a hard drive error


Step 5: Next, choose the drive we want to repair.  In this example, we are going to choose Verbatim external hard drive.  Click on it, and press Open, as shown below.

how to fix a hard drive error


Step 6: Choose the corrupted folder, if your folder is corrupted or choose the drive letter in this example, its the “My Movies” folder. Select the filters you want to apply and then click on Save Files icon as shown below

how to fix a hard drive error


Step 7: Choose the location you want to recover your files to.  It is recommended to save to a new hard drive.  Press OK Once you are ready to proceed with restoration.

how to fix a hard drive error

That’s it MiniTools power data recovery will then start to restore your files and folders to your new hard drive.  It may take some time to transfer your files depending on how much data you have. to transfer.

Final Thoughts

MiniTools Power Recovery is a great choice when it comes to restoring your corrupted files or folders.  I have tested a few other products in the past, where other products failed to restore corrupted files and folders.  I hope my guide on how to fix hard drive error was able to solve problems you may be having.

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
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