How to Make your own website

Learning the Ropes of Making a Website can be a Daunting task for anyone.

with these Basic Fundamentals, you can build a Blog with some Great online resources.


make your own website

make your own website

You are probably  here looking at ways to start your very own Blog.  When I first started months ago, I was clueless as to how I would go to make my own website.


1. Getting Started

The first thing you are going to need is to decide what topic of interest you want to blog about. This type of topic of interest is called a niche in the blogging world.  This can be anything that you are passionate about, as you will have no trouble in writing up good valuable content.   Choosing a niche can be hard, however you can find that these resources, will give you some idea to help you decide on what you want to write about. 



2. Your own website (Domain) or a Free Website?

You have now probably have chosen what you want to write about, next comes the fun bit, building a website.  However you can choose either your own domain where you have to pay a monthly fee, or you can host your website using a free domain. 


Your own Domain

Basically By having your own domain (paid website) it will give you your own web presence, and this will allow you to have a huge competitive advantage and success.   There are a few great companies out there and I highly recommend to use



3. Creating Content

After you have setup your website , you need to start writing up content for your blogs.  Creating great content is very valuable to you.  The most important aspect of writing engaging content is to keep the reader in mind, to keep them informative.   Make sure that your content is original and not copied, there is also no harm in getting your ideas from other people, however make sure that you are not coping other peoples work.

Another great tip is to have a catchy title for your blog, to keep your visitors engaged and interested.  Also by having an interesting and appropriate image will further add interest.   



4. Creating A Great Website Layout for Your Visitors

Make sure that your website is really presented well.  A well presented website, will help you to keep your customers.  Make sure that your website will be user friendly and will give your visitors a great experience. 


5. Make a website for financial gain


Making money with your website blog is no easy task, but if you are keen and looking for something, I recommend you take a look at this course.  This course will help you build a website and to help you make money.  The cause is called screw95 to show you ways to make money with your website.  The thing I like about it is there is no hype and it is run by a young lad named Jay Check it out here


Final Thoughts

These are the four Basic Fundamentals for starting your own website.  I hope you have found this information useful as your  first step to make your own website

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional