Tutorial: Show thumbnail as photos in windows 8

How to Show thumbnail as photos in Windows 

If you ever get a default thumbnail image and not the actual picture in the thumbnail icon, learn how to view thumbnail as photos in windows

In windows 7, when we went to Windows Explorer, we were able to view thumbnail icons as Photos. However, now in Windows 8 sometimes when we were to go to File Explorer to view a thumbnail preview of the Photos we wanted to see in Windows 8, we are unable to view the Photos but get a default Thumbnail image.

how to view thumbnail

This was a case when it happened to a family friend of mine.  Whenever she wanted to see a Thumbnail Preview of her Photos in her Photos folder, it would only show the default thumbnail icons and not a photo icon.  Today, I like to show you a step by step guide on how easily it is to view Photos in thumbnail preview, in Windows 8.


How-to: Show thumbnails as Photos in Windows 8 and not just the icon


step 1In the navigation pane, select view and then select Options as shown below.

how to view thumbnail



step 2In Windows 8 Folder Options, uncheck where it says “Always show icons, never thumbnails. Then click Apply and OK as shown below.


show icons 8


That’s It, you will now see your photos as thumbnails.

photo library

Final Thoughts

I hope this has been helpful.  Lots of Features has been changed in Windows 8, and it can be frustrating not able to have things set up like you want to.   So, I hope I have been able to help you out with this simple how-to.


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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
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