IOBIT Advanced Systemcare Pro 8 Review

IOBIT Advanced Systemcare 8

IOBIT Advanced Systemcare 8

Ease of use







        • - easy to use
        • - Has built in system security


        • - Too Much Bloatware
        • - Have to pay for additonal tools


        IOBIT Advanced Systemcare 8 Pro Review, has lots of potential but watch out for additional bloatware


        With a lot of system utility software on the market, its hard to find a product on the market to help you to clean and optimize your computer’s performance. 

        I have been test driving IOBits Advanced Systemcare 8 Professional for the last couple of weeks. With being a long time user of ccleaner, I was pretty keen to give this product a go. 

        I have been reading different people’s reviews on Advanced Systemcare and there seems to be lots of contervesory about the software.  Some people have claimed that it didn’t really worked for them and actually broke their operating system.

        Personal Insights Advanced Systemcare 8

        For me personally, It seems to be a great product, with lots of tools and features, but it’s toolbox seems to be cluttered with additional software. Any newbie may find additional tools to be tedious.  You also need to download and even have to pay for, some of the additional “tools”

        When I did a first system scan of the software, I was astounded to learn that after running the program, it had picked up over 3000 problems for my PC.

        Advanced systemcare summary

        with privacy issues being among the top issues for my PC.  Privacy issues usually come in terms of your web browser habbits. Whenever you scan your PC with Advanced system care, it will remove any cookies stored on your PC, as well as browsing history and files.  

        advanced systemcare report

        After scanning the system it actually shows you what the issues you have with your PC are, and what it has removed. It shows your PC Health status as icons in the task manager.

        Web browser Protection

        advanced systemcare 8

        Another niffy add on that Advanced systemcare Pro offers, is web browser protection. It has additional tools to protect your surfing habits.  If you are known to accidentally install those annoying toobar which hijacks your web browser, then this area will help prevent that from happening with the additional plugin/toolbar cleaner.  However, I am still yet to try it out.

        Turbo Boost

        turbo boost

        The Turbo boost feature within Advanced Systemcare Pro allows you to boost your PCs performance further by stopping services your PC uses such as program compatibility assistance.

        Overall Experience

        During test driving Advanced Systemcare Pro, I have surprisingly found the software has performed remarkably well. It has not crashed my system as yet and I have not experienced any other issues with my PC. 

        I do still miss using ccleaner, because I was so used to the product. However, I might keep on using Advanced Systemcare on my PC for a little time yet and see how it performs.    

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        Anthony Rousek


        Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

        Anthony Rousek
        Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional