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      Managing Multiple cloud storage accounts can be tedious at times, but Multcloud Makes Life easier.  One app to manage Multiple cloud accounts.


      If you have multiple cloud storage accounts, you need one app manage these accounts.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new service called Multcloud. I have been using Multcloud for the past month. Basically it’s an online app to manage multiple cloud storage accounts together.


      manage multiple cloud storage accounts

      Multcloud is created by a company called AOMEI Technology.  They are a relatively new company, which creates software, such as AOMEI Data Backupper. Backup software for your PC, and Disk Partitioning software such as AOMEI Disk partition


      Getting Started with Multcloud

      Once you are signed up with Multcloud, you are presented with an easy to use online app to quickly manage multiple cloud storage accounts. You need to trust Multcloud, to import your existing multiple cloud accounts. 

      authorize multcloud account



      It’s pretty easy to do so, by simply selecting your desired cloud accounts, such as; drop box, Google Drive or One Drive.

      Multcloud, will then start to import your multiple cloud accounts, into this nifty simple to use online app to manage multiple cloud storage accounts.

      select cloud


      manage multiple cloud storage accounts

      The Online App to Manage Multiple Cloud storage accounts, is a breeze and user friendly. 

      Once you have added all your online cloud storage accounts, you can simply Upload and Transfer files easily.  Select the folder or file of your choice and click the transfer icon as shown in the red below.


      transfer files



      You then have a choice, of easily transferring the file to another online storage account. You can choose from a directory you want to transfer, or to a targeted directory of choice.


      transfer service



      File Sharing with Multcloud

      Multcloud makes life sharing easy.  By clicking on the file of choice, then right clicking on the selected file, and choosing Share.  You are then presented with a warning box if you really want to share the file.  Click Share. 


      file sharing


      You then have several options to share the file.   You can choose to share it via your social media accounts, such as Facebook.  You also have an option to share the file via email.


      Final Thoughts on Multcloud.

      There are many apps online to manage multiple cloud storage accounts. Multcloud is a new player in the field and has lots of potential going for it.  If you want a service that its simple, easy and best of all FREE to use.  Then Multcloud is a must have. 


      Have Your Say

      What are your thoughts about these online storage accounts?  Join the discussion now! 


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      Anthony Rousek


      Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

      Anthony Rousek
      Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional