MultCloud 3.2.0- A Safe, Easy-to-Use, and Free Cloud Drive Management Service

Cloud drives are used more and more universally in our life,  now most of us may have at least 3 cloud accounts, Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox. Have you ever felt disappointment, when you forget where you transferred those important files? Are you looking for an app that can combine all of your cloud drives, and makes life easy for you at the same time?

I must say this app has been to be the best cloud management tool.  I really like, MultCloud 3.2.0.  It is is a web based app, that lets you manage all of your cloud files. It allows you to easily transfer files back and forth between your accounts.  It is safe, simple, easy-to-use, and 100% free!

MultCloud  3.2.0 brings us a new experience:

  • Added the “replacement” option.
  • Upgrade OneDrive API, and remove some limits.
  • Enhance SFTP service: Support logging in with Private key.
  • Modified the bug of amazon cloud drive.
  • Optimize transmission environment.

Getting to Know MultCloud 3.2.0



Open MultCloud ‘s official website at, click the Sign Up button at the top-right corner. You will strart your registration, when you fill in your information,  you will receive an email to activate your MultCloud account.


Adding Your Cloud Drives

Now you can add all of your cloud drives accounts in MultCloud.

1. Start Select the cloud service that you want to add,

2. Then rename this cloud drive for identify this account simply in MultCloud,

3. Click “Add Dropbox Account”. You can continue to add other cloud drives with the same method.

multcloud part2

Cloud Drive Management and Transmission

Manage your files in multiple cloud drives such as upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, new folder, etc.  MultCloud can move or transfer files form one cloud to another for free.part 3

part 4

Scheduled transfer

MultCloud supports scheduled transfer function. It allows you to set the daily, weekly or monthly in the specific time for data transmission. It also supports to send an email to you after completing the transmission and inform the result.

part 5

multcloud 4

Get Free Unlimited Traffic

If you need to extend the traffic from 2TB to Unlimited, all you n need to do is copy the message in the following box or write a message including “MultCloud-Free App for Transferring Files across Cloud Drives” by yourself, and then share it to one of your social media accounts such as FaceBook, Twitter, G+, Blog or Forum.

Finally, submit the shared URL to the text box below, then you will get Unlimited traffic for free.

part 5


Final Thoughts

MultCloud 3.2.0 provides the prefect support for various clouds. At the same time, you can handle multiple accounts in one app by the same service provider.

Multcloud allows you have two registered accounts in Google Drive, it allows you to manage all
the files of both accounts simultaneously. So create an account and start using it today!

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional