PC Keeper Live Software review

PC Keeper is the Swiss Army in PC Optimization Software.  It helps to keep your system clean from errors, and your PC in top performance.  It even has on demand technical support, even your Grandma could use!



Overall Ranking: 8 out of 10



$9.99/month 1 month plan, 

$4.99/month 12 Month Plan,

$7.50/month 3 Month Plan

Owner: Kromtech


Software Review: PC Keeper Live

If you are looking for a software package, that keeps your computer safe from errors, than you can’t go pass PC Keeper Live. 

PC Keeper Live helps you do all this and has loads of other tools, you don’t usually see in optimization software. It contains live on demand technical support when you need it, and also a file shredder, to data recovery, PC Keeper Live has it all.


Technical Support 24×7

PC Keeper Live

One of my favorite features about PC Keeper, is the ability to have Live technical support.What ever computer issue you are having trouble with, PC Keeper has 24×7 technical support on hand.  So if you are sick of getting a phone call from your Aunt, uncle or Grandparents, about any technical problems they may be having, they can use PC Keeper software to contact support. They will receive a response pretty quickly. 


What’s Inside PCKeeper?


PC Keeper Review

The Software interface is simple and easy to navigate around in.  The software keeps you informed about how serious your computer may be affected, It also giives you an option to start and fix the errors.  The Sidebar menu is divided in to 3 sections, You can choose from the following:

  •  Human assistance Tools:
  • In This section, you have the ability to get on demand live technical support. From any PC Problem you may be having.  Once you have scanned your PC System, a Tech support person will analyze your computer and recommend changes you need to make.  You can also get on demand support from a Microsoft Certified Geek, anything from software or hardware issues. 


  • Security Tools:
  • Anti – Theft: Worrying about loosing your laptop?  PC Keeper has a bunch of tools to keep your data safe, and it even has an Anti theft service, where you can track your laptop. 
  • Data Hider: if you have important documents and files, this option allows you to hide your files, so that others won’t be able to see them.
  • Shredder: Once you delete files, usually someone can recover them using data recovery software, with this option you can shred your data so it will not become recoverable.
  • Files Recovery: Accidently deleted a file or document? This option will allow you to recover important files that have been deleted.


  • Cleaning Tools:
  • Disk Cleaner: Clean your computer from temporary internet files, and internet history all within a couple of clicks
  • Duplicates FInder: run a duplicate files checker to find any duplicate files and delete them. 
  • Uninstaller: Uninstall unwanted software from your PC


  • Optimization Tools:
  • Run optimization tools that will make your PC Start faster





  • Easy to use software
  • Loads of features available
  • Loads of video tutorials



  • The only con is that you have to wait around 24hrs to have the system checked by an expert and cleaned, where as other system cleaning software you can do this instantly. 
  • No user documentation


For the not so tech savvy user, PC Keeper is great for those who require 24/7 assistance for your PC. However, the only thing that I did not really like about PC Live, is that you cannot get an instant Fix result. once you have scanned your PC for errors, such as others on the market today. Despite this, I have found it to be really straight forward to use. If you are looking for loads of tools, bundled into one package than PC Keeper Live is for you. 

What are your experiences of using PC Keeper live?  Have your say by leaving your comments below.  If you like this article, please like and share a like. 

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional