Reset your Pivos XIOS DS Media Player

How-to: Reset your PIVOS XIOS DS Media Player without using the Upgrade pinhole button


pivos xios dsThe Pivos XIOS DS Media Player, is one of my favorite Android Media Players on the market to day. 

I always find that when I reset the media player to factory default or upgrading the firmware, troublesome.

It is especially frustrating, when you need to use a paperclip to hold down the upgrade pinhole button. 

Fortunately, I have discovered an alternative method.  There is a way you can access the device, via your Windows PC. 

This method involves the user accessing the device from a windows PC using a Terminal (remote access).  IT experts use to access devices such as routers, switches or Linux computers. 

This type of software is called a terminal and you can do things such as copy your firmware updates, and even run commands without touching the device itself. 


Things you Need

There are a few things you need, to access your PIVOS XIOS DS Media Player.

  • WINSCP Client – Terminal Software for your Windows PC – Download here
  • The PIVOS XIOS DS Media Player


Need to Know

  • For this tutorial, I am running XBMC Linux operating system
  • Also your windows PC will need to be on the same network as your PIVOS DS XIOS Media Player.
  • You need to know what is the IP Address of your media player so you can remotely access it.


How to Reset your PIVOS XIOS DS Media Player

Now comes the fun part, I am going to show you how easy it is to use WINSCP to access your device.


Step1: Start the WINSCP client from your PC,

Step 2: Once you have started the client, you will need to enter the host IP address of your device, in this example the IP Address is  Ensure that the Port Number is 22, for the user name, enter root, and the password is: letmein

pivos xios ds


Step 3: Under File Protocol ensure you select SCP, if you want to know more about the SCP Protocol, check it out here on Wikipedia.

 Step 4: Then, if you need to update the firmware, ensure that you have pluged in your MicroSD Card, go to the directory of the firmware on your PC, in this example, the download directory, then navigate to the /media/sdcard folder of the pivos xios ds media player and then transfer the firmware file, by dragging the file across to the right, as shown below.


pivos xios upgrade pinhole

 Step 5: Then, we need to enter a command to reset the device to a special boot menu, without having to use the upgrade pinhole button option, we need to open the terminal window by pressing Ctrl + T, a window will popup as shown below. Enter the command “Reboot Recovery”


pivos xios upgrade pinhole


Step 6: It will take a moment or two, for the device to re-start.  Then, you will be presented with a boot menu, where you can upgrade your firmware.  If you have copied your firmware update to the memory card in Step 4, select “Apply update from SDCARD


pivos xios upgrade pinhole


In the next menu, you will then be asked to choose the image file name.  Select the file name you want to use and press enter.  It will take some time to start copying the new update for your system.

Final Thoughts

This is an alternative method to accessing the boot menu, on your Pivos XIOS DS Media Player  I hope you have found this article useful.  Please like and share a like.  

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
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