Print from Android phone to any Wireless Printer

 How-to: Print from Android phone to any Wireless Printer

Do you want to print your Photos from your Android Phone, to your Wireless Printer? Learn How easy it is to print from Android phone or Tablet, to any wireless printer.


print from android phoneIf you ever wanted to Print from your Android Phone, to any wireless printer, it’s a cinch to do.  Whenever we needed to setup a new printer from our Windows PC, we would normally have to install a driver, to use our printer.


To enable printing from our Android phone or Tablet, we need to get an app to be able to print.

There are many apps on Google Play store, but some can be very complicated to use.  However, I have discovered an app that it is easy to use.  Today, I’d like to give you a walk though on what it is and how to print from Android Phone to any wireless printer.


What you’ll Need:

For this tutorial we need to have a few things setup already, these include:

  • Wireless Network
  • Wireless Printer


In this tutorial on how to print from Android phone to any wireless printer, I will be using:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone
  • Printershare app from Google Play store.


About Printershare app

print from android phonePrinter share is a software solution, which allows anyone to print from your smartphone or PC.  A cool feature of Printershare is that you can even print to your computer when you are not at home. The possibilities are endless.  Printershare app is compatible for Windows, Mac, and Android Phones.   Be sure to check if your printer is supported first


How to Print from Android Phone using Printershare App

step 1Download and install Printershare app from google play



step 2When the app starts, press select. you will have a list of how you can connect your phone to the printer, in this example select Nearby WiFi, the app will search for available printers

print to android 1


step 3select your printer that you want to use in the list, in this example we are using Canon mp640 printer. Once you select the printer the app will connect to it.



print to android 2

step 4That’s it, with Printershare app you can print your photos, contacts list, messages, call logs, documents and emails easily.



Final Thoughts

It’s never been this easy to print from your PC or smartphone. With Printershare app, there is no complex configuration and you will see instant results.  The only con I can think of about using this app, is that you need to pay for it. It costs around $12 US. 

If your not too keen on paying for an app, then you will have to choose another alternative app from the Google Play Store.  Another alternative solution, to print from android phone, is to install an app for the wireless Printer you purchased.  For example, if you have a Canon Pixma Printer, you can install Canon Pixma printing solutions app, to enable printing functionality on your Android Phone.


I hope that this information is useful to you and I hope I have shared my tips on how to print from Android Phone.  What are your experiences of Printing from your smartphone or Tablet? Have your say by leaving your comments below. 

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional