Remove Toolbar forever

Do you hate Toolbar’s that take over your web browser?

They are often very nasty and hard to get rid off!

Do you want a simple solution that works for YOU!


Today I like to share with you some tips on how to remove tool bars using Mozilla Firefox!

 Remove Toolbars

Remove toolbars even in my experience, I also have found it very frustrating. I am sure you are also experiencing the frustration.

Often when you install Toolbar’s there will be an uninstall utility or often you would go into the control panel and select Program and Features and remove the toolbar that way. 

However not all aspects of the toolbar removal process through control panel will be gone.  Your web browser will still have some URL’s pointing to the toolbar promotion links such as

What is a Toolbar

Basically a toolbar usually resides within a web browser such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  The often get installed when you download some free or paid software applications.  A Toolbar’s purpose is actually to provide GUI extensions and functionally for the user, but they sometimes can be very annoying for the end user, typically it will redirect your browsers URL to something that the toolbar is promoting such as 

 People can get very frustrated once a toolbar has been installed on their computer, this is because as already mentioned it will redirect the users default search engine settings such as to something like, other issues in toolbars can lead to problems such as added malware and viruses.


Reasons why It has been installed

It probably has been installed by accident when you download some software from a company, you may have download some tools for your PC such as u Torrent or java application  within these software application installs they come with free add-on crap and sometimes people forget to remove it so, in the future when you come across something like the picture below be sure to unchecked the two ticks before continuing,

remove toolbars



Third Party Software To Remove Toolbar’s

My Experience has taught me that when you use third party software to remove the toolbar, it will also not remove all toolbar content and your web browser URL settings will still point to the toolbar promotions. 


What are the worst Toolbar’s

Toolbar’s which I absolutely hate!

  • Babylon toolbar
  • search.conduit


How To fix your hijacked browser

Now comes the fun part I am going to teach you how to fix your browsers search to restore back to how you had it before using Mozilla Firefox

There are allot of information on the web which can take for ever to fix this.  The most simplest method is to get a tool called search reset. 

This is an add-on program for Firefox which will allow you to reset your browser settings and will also warn you for future problems.   This is awesome software and will work every time

Procedure To Reset Browser Settings for Mozilla Firefox:

1. Google search reset or click the link here

2. On the webpage click the add to Firefox button

remove toolbars

3. Next the installation box will appear something like below the timer will start after 4 seconds click the install now button

remove toolbars


4. You will then get a message saying it has installed successfully

5. You Should now get a message that you have some Toolbar’s installed on your computer, click to have your browser to be reset to default search results settings

The best thing about this software is next time you accidentally go and install a toolbar a message will pop telling you an attempt has been made to install a tool bar do you wish to authorize it. select cancel.


Toolbar Software Removal

Another great tool to help you remove the reset of the Toolbar’s from your computer is called smart toolbar removal be careful though when you go through the installation process as this will add Toolbar’s! which is very annoying but it helps to quickly remove the toolbar software from the computer.  This is also much simpler then going through the control panel of your computer .   Download free from


How to remove toolbar software from your computer

Now you have the software installed we are going to remove the toolbar software from the computer as you can see in the picture below there are several toolbar software installed

remove toolbars


1. Select all of them especially the last one which is the ASK Toolbar from Mozilla Firefox, click the uninstall icon

2. A confirmation box will appear asking your permission to uninstall the toolbars, select yes


remove toolbars

If you have Firefox  or any other browsers open be sure to close it before you proceed you will get a box something like below:


remove toolbars


3. Close Firefox and other open browsers and click OK to continue

4. A Message will appear again asking for permissions to uninstall click ok or yes you will then get a message saying that uninstall has been completed successfully.


I Hope I have helped you to fix your Problems with these awful Toolbar’s, If you like my article please leave your comments.

What are your experiences with Toolbar’s ? I like to hear from you

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional