rename USB flash Drive

It can be tedious for newbies, who don’t know how to do certain things in Microsoft Windows, especially when you want to find out How to rename USB flash Drive

In today’s computer tip of the day, I’d like to show you a simple step by step how to guide to rename USB flash Drive.

Rename USB Flash Drive 

Step 1: Insert your USB Flash Drive into an available USB Port

Step 2: Press the windows key + R on your computer to start Windows Explorer 

Step 3: You should see your USB Flash Drive pop up in Windows Explorer as shown below.

windows explorer


Step 4: Right click on the drive letter that represents your USB Flash Drive, and press Rename, as shown in the example below.

how to rename USB flash Drive


That’s it. You should now have successfully rename USB flash Drive.

There can be many reasons why you are unable to rename USB flash Drive.

  • Your Flash Drive may be corrupted,
  • USB port is not working or
  • Malware on your USB Flash drive.
  • You don’t have administration rights 

In some public places, such as in a library, you may not be able to rename USB Flash drive due to computer restrictions. (Administration rights) You will only be able to do this, on a computer that don’t have computer restrictions.

Check these scenarios and then try again.  I hope this simple tutorial has been successful for you.  

Here are also some other great ways to rename USB Flash Drive Check it out now from Windows 7 forums.

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
  • mpbarber

    I have tried to rename 2 [a Relay from Staples and a SanDisk] USB external storage devices using the “right click rename” technique as well as the “right click properties, enter name” technique and neither approach works.

    I got this computer from my son-in-law so there may be an “administrator” issue here.

    I must say that it is very frustrating that something this seemingly simple has turned out to be a major issue (is this Microsoft or Relay or Sandisk?) I saw information on the web suggesting some very complicated, system command, solutions that I think are typical of the complexity of the Windows OS.

    So, I think I may have 2 problems here.

    1) How do I get administrator privileges on my computer and, alternatively;

    2) is there a way to rename these “jump drives” without having to go through this excessive amount of effort?