Review: AOMEI onekey Recovery

AOMEI Onekey recovery

AOMEI Onekey recovery

easy to use







        • - backup your system to a factory recovery partition.
        • - use factory image to restore your computer.


        • - none

        AOMEI Onekey Recovery is a free tool, which allows you to easily recover your PC from System Failures. Find out why its a must have for any PC Tech


        AOMEI Onekey recovery is a freebie solution and is made by AOMEI Technology.

        AOMEI Technology is an up-and-coming provider of innovative hard disk partition management, reliable backup & restore solution, and easy cloud storages management for home and business users all over the world. 

        The software is easy and simple solution for your backup and recovery needs.  Today, I’d like to show you why AOMEI one key is a must have for any PC user

        AOMEI Onekey Recovery Solution

        AOMEI onekey recovery, offers a one click solution to backup and restore your PC.  Upon starting the software, you are presented with two options. To either create a system backup or a system recovery.

        AOMEI onekey recovery

        You then are prompted to either backup your system to a recovery partition or to another location.  When backing up your system, the software creates a image of your PC, which you can recover if your hard drive crashes.

        If you have a second hard drive and you don’t have a recovery partition, it’s really easy to do.  You can use a third party app called Minitool Partition wizard or AOMEI partition wizard to help you create a partition wizard.  Here is a video on how to create a recovery partition with Minitool Partition wizard.

         OneClick Restore

        Upon restoring your system, you are prompted with an option in the bios to restore your system anytime.


        Restoring of an image took around 10-15 minutes

        one key recovery Final Thoughts

        AOMEI Technology offers PC System tools, which are easy to use. 

        If you are looking for more features in backup solutions, then Check out my review on AOMEI databackupper to learn why this nifty backup tool, stands up from the rest.

        What are your thoughts about AOMEI technology? Join the discussion now and have your say.  Please share and share a like.


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        Anthony Rousek


        Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

        Anthony Rousek
        Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
        • Bob S. Youruncle

          I just started using Oney Key and Backupper and find them both extremely easy to use and very powerful solutions. I’ve been using AOMEI Partition Manager for a couple of years now and find all of these a great addition to a USB toolbox