avs video converter review

AVS Video Converter

AVS Video Converter

User Interface


    Ease to use



      • - Supports all Formats
      • - Has customized Converter settings


      • - Can't convert copy protected media

      Avs video converter is a simple software solution, which helps to convert, edit and upload videos to social media sites.


      avs video converter is part of a software suite, made by Online Media Technologies Ltd.  It is a Windows based only program, which allows you to convert, edit and upload well known formats easily. The software allows to upload video to social media sites, such as YouTube or Facebook.  So here is an AVS Video Converter review. You will learn why it’s a must have for your toolkit.

       AVS Video Converter review

      Firstly I’d like to review the installation process of AVS Video Converter.  The installation process is really easy, just download the executable file from the website, and follow the wizard to install the product. 

      You will then need to activate the product using the license key, after you purchase the product.  You will receive an email from AVS Media, where they will give you the license key in order to activate the product. Activation is very simple, here is a short video on how to activate your product.

      The Program Interface

      Now time to review the program interface on AVS Video Converter. It has a nice clean graphical user interface.  It’s very simple to use, which is one of reasons why I like this product. 

      There are many options to choose from and it has a huge range of tools. You can pretty much convert any digital video format.  Click here to find out the list of supported video formats.

      avs video converter review


      WHO IT IS FOR?

      This software is ideal, for anyone who needs a simple multimedia software solution. Who needs to convert digital video formats, or who need to edit video’s, for any type of multimedia project you are working on.  You will be able to upload video to any social media site and practically any device such as your smart phone. You can even burn your videos to DVD or to Blu-Ray disc.


      Training Review

      If you need to learn how to use the software, AVS Website has great online resources, such as how to videos and fully illustrated guides


      Pricing Information

      AVS Media Technology comes with  two types of licenses for the Product.  You can choose from Unlimited License and yearly License. 



      I hope you liked this review on AVS video converter is the only product I use. It is by far the most effective multimedia software on today’s market.  From my personal experience, I give this product a 8.5 out of 10.  If you are looking for Simple, Easy to use multimedia suite for your projects, then this is a must have for your toolkit.

      What are your experiences using this Software.  Have your say by leaving your comments below.  If you like this article Please like and Share a like.


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      Anthony Rousek


      Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

      Anthony Rousek
      Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional