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System Mechanic v14

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      System Mechanic can help to improve your systems performance so you can enjoy that new PC feeling again.  Here is system mechanic review

      Today’s blog is about system mechanic review.  System Mechanic is a PC tune up utility software.  It is created by IOIO Technologies, a software company based in Los Angeles. 

      System Mechanic main aim is to fix common computer problems.  It also can help to improve PC reliability, and to keep it in top notch performance. 

      Setting up System Mechanic

      When you start System Mechanic for the first time, the program goes through some system checks to analyze your computer’s performance.  It can take a few minutes, depending on your computers performance.

      system mechanic review

      This is am image of System Mechanic performing analysis of my PC


      Dashboard System Mechanic Review

      Next, System Mechanic will give you an overview of your current system Status. You can then choose from a list of options to either repair all the options or view problem areas of your PC.


      The main dashboard area of system mechanic. From here you can start to repair your system

      During trial of System Mechanic, the program recommended a few suggestions for my PC.

      I chose to repair all the options, and one I fixed the problems at hand, I noticed that my computer’s performance started to improve.


      Once scan is complete choose to fix or or selected problems


      There has been a mixed bag of positive and negative feedback from system mechanic review that I have seen. 

      Some people either like it or hate it.  In my experience, it really comes down to tweaking the software for your own requirements.  This is what you can do, in the main dashboard area of System Mechanic Software.

      Features of System Mechanic Standard

      System Mechanic 14 has loads of features to help keep your PC in shape.  Now I like to review some features of System Mechanic Standard

      1. Active Care

      In the active care tab, you can use the built in tools to optimize and tweak your computer’s performance. From how your computer starts up, optimizing system drive, memory and registry settings. 



      Automatically perform tasks such as start up configuration can help optimize your system performance


      2. LiveBoost

      LiveBoost allows you to unleash the full power of your computer’s performance in real-time.  There are four key areas in which Liveboost helps to optimize your computer’s performance, which include opticore, Accelewrite, Ramjet and Idledown. You can see the full list of what these features mean on the System Mechanic Liveboost page.  


      system mechanic liveboost

      This is Live boost dashboard where you can optimize your CPU in real-time

      3. Toolbox

      Finally, another essential part of System Mechanic in my system mechanic review, is the power tools section. If you still find your computer’s performance to be sluggish, you can use the PC Accelerator tool, which will help supercharge your operating system.  The PC Repair tool allows you to scan your PC for any errors, crashes and other system failures.  The PC Cleanup tool helps to clean up your hard drive, by removing unwanted software and files to free up drive space.  With PC Security tool backup your system registry and repair any dangerous security flaws in your computer system.

      mechanic review toolbox

      System Mechanic toolbox allows to accelerate your PC performance


      Final Thoughts

      I hope you liked today’s software review on system mechanic review.  For users who are not so tech savvy, System Mechanic Standard helps to keep your PC running smoothly without the know how.

      The world’s leading PC tune-up software, System Mechanic takes just minutes to install and can quickly optimize a PC


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      Anthony Rousek


      Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

      Anthony Rousek
      Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
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