Teamviewer Software Review

Have you ever wanted to Help your Friends and Family with their computer or Laptop?

Today I’d like to share with you the top 4 Reasons why you need to use Team viewer. Here is my Teamviewer Software Review



Teamviewer software review

The other day my uncle called me and said that he had a virus on the computer and that the virus software was unable to repair it, he had no idea how to troubleshoot the problem, so I connected to his computer from my house without having to drive all the way to his place to fix the problem. 

Have you had a similar scenario like above? Has your nanny called you to come over and fix the computer again? You no longer need to travel to a remote site to provide support.  You can do it all at your place without leaving your desk. 

Team viewer is a remote control software available on the market today.  This software will allow you to make remote connections to your computer from anywhere in the world! This is my teamviewer software review

This is my Top 4 Reasons why you need Team viewer

1. Simplicity


If you need to provide support for your family members it is easy for you and for them to open and launch team viewer (That’s if they know how to open email attachments!) with team viewers easy custom module quick support, you can remotely connect within seconds without them configuring any software, you will just need them to run a file from the web link or through an email invitation. 

2. 24/7 access to Remote computers


Its not just to provide support.  Say you left something on your home office computer and went to work without it, would you go all the way home to get that pdf file you forgot? No need to be stuck in traffic and be late for your project dead lines.  Team viewer provides a simple contacts list which you can easily connect to your computer in just a single mouse-click.  Then conveniently transfer files to and from the remote computer.  You can copy individual files and entire folders within seconds to any location. 


3. Mobile apps – For when you’re on the road


If you are on the road and stuck in traffic jams, no need to worry being late to meet the client.  The Teamviewer apps available for iphone, ipad, Android, and windows phone allow you to be flexible in terms of how and when you connect.



4. Online meetings


You can host your online meetings with business partners from across the world.   You can use the online meeting software to start a meeting in seconds and instantly invite participants.  You can organize scheduled meetings simple and easy; conference rooms, travel costs and long trips are a thing of the past, it’s great to if you’re working from home and not in the office!



How do I download and use Team viewer Quick Support?

Do you need to provide quick support solution for your uncle, untie or Grandparents? This is a quick walk through video on how they can access the Quick Support software from the Team viewer website.


Final Thoughts

Team viewer is a simple software for remote control, online meetings, transferring files and more.  I hope I have helped you in choosing a great Remote control software.  The best thing is that this software is free for non commercial use! 

What are your experiences in using this software? I’d like to hear from you! Leave your comments below and I’ll respond within 24hrs.



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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Dave Chase

    Running Team Viewer 10 not only on the 64bit Windows 10 but on the 64bit W7 as well as being installed on a few Virtual Machines one being on VM ware’s Workstation 12 Player and the other on the Windows 10 Pro x64’s Hyper-V feature! Then besides connecting to the host OS on one system I can connect remotely to a second desktop that connects to a router by a usb WiFi adapter being wireless.

    You can configure as well as block unintended remote access being a nice feature as well as store your activity logs on the Team Viewer site once you initiate the account there during the first TV install. You can also conduct live video as well as audio chats and see files transferred even between what is downloaded to a VM first to a physical host or other machine using the VM as a screening process. Free for non commercial home use!