Turn your Android in a wireless internet hotspot device

Turn Your Mobile into a Wireless Internet Hotspot Device

internet hotspot deviceIf you travel abroad for work or for holiday’s, you probably are looking how to turn your Smart phone into your own Wireless Internet hotspot device.

If you have a laptop, Ipad or tablet PC, you can use it to connect to your very own wireless portable Wi-Fi.  If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you are in luck, because it’s really easy to turn your mobile into a Internet Hotspot device.


What is an Internet Hotspot?

Hotspot is a term used in Technology, to describe an internet connection, which can be found in public places, such as coffee shops, Airports, and various other public places.  – Wikipedia


Getting Started

For this Tutorial, I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4, and an Asus Laptop PC running Windows 7, once you have established your own internet hotspot, you can connect any device to it.


Part 1: Enabling Wi-FI hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

It’s pretty easy to get your Samsung Galaxy mobile running as an wireless Internet Hotspot Device.  All you need to do is basically turn the feature on.  If you are a newbie, it can be troublesome finding the feature. Here is a step by step walk-through on how to enable your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot.


step 1

Go to Settings on your Samsung Galaxy mobile device, in the settings menu select “More Networks”

internet hotspot device


step 2

The next step you need to do is to select “Tethering and portable hotspot”  Tethering basically means sharing internet connection with another device, such as your Laptop.



internet hotspot device



step 3

In the Tethering and portable hotspot menu, slide the button as shown below, to turn on the feature.

internet hotspot device


step 4




Next, you will need to configure your broadcast name and assign a password.  The Broadcast name or “SSID”  is basically a network name which allows you to uniquely identity a device on your network.  so in this example we are naming our network SSID “AndroidAP” you can call it anything you want.  Then you need to select security, and you want to use and a password.  WPA2 PSK is one of many standard protocols in wireless security.  Press Save to save these settings.

internet hotspot device


That’s It, you have successfully created your very own wireless Internet Hotspot Device.


Part 2: Connecting your Laptop or Smart Device to your wireless Internet Hotspot

It’s pretty easy to connect your wireless device such as a Laptop, or Tablet to your Mobile into your ver own wireless Internet Hotspot Device. 


step 1On your Windows PC, in the Task Manager, Select your Internet ICON, a menu will appear showing a list of Wireless Networks available. Select the Broadcast name or (SSID) you named in the previous step

internet hotspot device



step 2

Enter the password you created, and press OK.


internet hotspot device





Enter the network relevant to your circumstances.  In this example select Home Network.

internet hotspot device



That’s It, this is how easy it is to turn your mobile into a Internet Hotspot.


  • There may be times when your Internet Connection is slow or doesn’t work, and there may be various reasons, some factors can include
  • The distance you are from a mobile phone tower or
  • The speed of your Internet connection.


  • If in doubt, I always recommend to contact your Service Provider for assistance. 


Final Thoughts

I hope you were successful to turn your mobile into your very own wireless Internet Hotspot Device. 


If you need help, please leave your comments below, and I’ll try to assist. 


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Images By: Anthony Rousek and from photodune.net

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional