Unlock Restricted PDF Files from Adobe PDF Files

If the data saved in a document is sensitive, we generally arrange some kind of technique to protect it from unauthorized usage. There are many ways to unlock restricted pdf files today, I’d like to take a look at ways to unlock restricted pdf files.

Some of the commonly used tricks in this concern is password, encryption, or local encryption set to the documents. If we talk about protecting Adobe PDF files, there are two types of options available to safeguard it: Owner Password and User Password.

The reason why these access control rights on PDF file are considered unique and strong is they fulfill the requirement of end user in different scenarios.

Normally, files and folders are protected with open document passwords where in order to read the contents of the file, the security code has to be entered when prompted. In case of PDF files, this is the User Password. On the other hand, the Owner Password security is a bit different in a way that it allows the other person to read the contents of document but limits to edit, print, or copy them.

For this reason, PDF file is a highly considerable option in arenas like Internet Marketing.

Although locking a document is a good idea to keep it away from the prying eyes, but definitely the key to the lock would be needed to unlock restricted pdf files.

Just for a moment, consider that your colleague added a password to the PDF file and it’s unreachable. You have to make changes to the file and update it but the password is unavailable. This can leave you in a troublesome situation where you would definitely look out for some solution to remove restrictions from file and do the needful.


ways to unlock restricted pdf files


Ways to Unlock Restricted PDF Files:

1. Free Online Services

To make a PDF file free from local permissions, there are free online services that are available.

They can be helpful to remove printing, editing, and copying restrictions from PDF files, without paying any cost for it.

Also, if the data is confidential, some of them give the option to switch to the safer HTTPS mode. Nevertheless, on the other end, these services have disadvantages too. They allow adding PDF files of certain size only and does not guarantee maintaining integrity of data. It is best to use the service, if the PDF file is small in size and does not contain confidential data.


2. PDF File Unlocker

For unlocking PDF file with owner and user password, another convenient option is by adopting a tool to unlock Adobe PDF files. One reason why these tools can be considered is, that they are installed on desktop machines and thus are absolutely secure.

Another benefit of PDF File unlocker is any PDF file, of any size can be added for unlocking.

The only disadvantage the commercial tools have over the online services, is that you have to buy the product. However, they offer a life long solution to unlock restricted PDF files.


Final Thoughts

There are many ways to unlock restricted pdf files.  We have discussed the cons and pros of both the shared option to unlock PDF files.

If the data in PDF file is confidential, large in size, and there is need for solution to unlock multiple PDF files in batch, then it is best to go with third party solution with a little and valuable investment.

Nevertheless, for casual files, free online services can be adopted.


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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional