unotelly review – unlock your video restrictions

If you’ve been looking to unlock video content in certain parts of the world, then unotelly is a great alternative services. If you are using US version of Netflix, or other video streaming services, it can be very troublesome if you live in Australia to be able to watch Netflix in US.  However unotelly will allow you to bypass Geo blocking, thus allowing you to watch netflix or any other video content for that matter.

I have been using unotelly for a few months now, and I gotta say its one of the best services I have seen. Today I’d like to give you a walk through guide on how to get it all setup Here is my unotelly review.

Getting Started

First you will want to sign up for an account.

They have two plans available:

The Premium Plan is the DNS service which allows you to unlock Geoblocking restrictions in your part of the world.  Prices start from $3.94 /mo US

Gold Plan is a DNS and VPN Service combined.  Prices start from $4.95 /mo US

Configuring UNO Telly

DNS Services with UNO telly is pretty awesome.  I can’t complain of much fault.  There are many ways you can configure your DNS Service, but I have found that Downloading their app to your device is the best way to go.

Once you have registered your account, you will want to log in to the Web based system.  You are presented with a windows 8 style interface.

uno telly

Once you are in your back office, select Devices.

Then on the next, screen select the device you want unotelly to run on.  In this example we will be installing it on our Windows PC.

unotelly devices

Next, search for “setting up unotelly on widows” and then follow the directions. That’s it so easy!

unotelly app


Pros and Cons


During testing of their DNS services, I have found  the service to be quite effecient, had no trouble watching videos online.  Its not only for your windows pc.  You can use unotelly on all devices such as your android, Ipad, Linux or Mac. You can also access up to 70 channels from within unotelly website alone, which is very convenient.


There is not much to report, only the fact that when testing VPN services, I found it to be a little slow for my liking.

Final Verdict

I am finding the DNS service top notch, Im very impressed with the performance of their services, and their technical support is pretty awesome! If you’re looking for great Geoblocking video services, than you can’t go pass Unotelly!



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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional