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Slow Internet Today? There are many reasons why your internet can be slow.  Here are 5 ways to improve internet speed

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Why is my Internet so slow? This is one of the most commonly asked question I’m often get asked about.  There are several ways improve internet speed and performance. 

Today, I’d like to give you some advise on ways improve internet speed and performance.


Ways Improve Internet Speed and Performance

The Most common causes of slow internet performance are computer settings, wireless settings or hardware, malware or viruses and even an old computer can lead to slow internet performance. 


Steps to Improve Your Internet Speed

1. Update or Change your Web Browser

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One simple way improve internet speed and performance, is simply updating your web browser. 

If you’re a PC or Laptop user running Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, and running Internet Explorer the built in Web Browser, you can sometimes find that if you switch to a different web browser, you can find that your Internet Speed and Performance will improve. 

Internet Explorer can also be buggy, and it can be vulnerable to hackers. If you update to a more secure web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox and or Google Chrome it could potentially reduce the time it takes to load a web page. 

I would highly recommend either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, just remember to update the Web Browser as soon as an update becomes available. 


2. Reposition your Wireless Router

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Here are some tips to improve your WIFI internet performance. 

Relocate your wifi router Location

other ways improve internet speed and performance, is simply by relocating your wifi router/modem. 

It is quite often that when I visit people’s homes I will find that the router has been place on the floor in a corner of the room or in a cupboard.

The signal will become weak, by repositioning the wireless router you will get better performance.

A general rule to remember is the closer you are the better the connection will be, and don’t keep it in a closed cupboard! This is a mistake made often by my friends and family.


Wireless Repeater

Another ways improve internet speed and performance, is that it will help if you buy a wireless repeater, this will increase the range of a WI-FI signal.  

You usually would want to put the wireless repeater where you find that your wireless signal is weak, it can give you the boost you need.



If you keep your router next to electronic devices such as cordless phones and microwaves,  they can often cause interference, this can cause your signal to become week, and you may find that your computer often drop out and needs to reconnect again, check that your router is not around electronic equipment which can cause interference issues. 

3. Make Sure That Your Network Is Secure!

















This step is really important. If you leave your wireless connection open, meaning having no security on it, your neighbors may be piggy backing off your network. 

This can lead to slow internet connection and if you are on a monthly limit, on how much you can download, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may drop your speed, thus giving you a slower internet connection. 

When ever my friends and family call me this is the most common issue I see, that they haven’t secured their internet connection. 

Usually when you get a router from the Internet service provider they will give you an encryption key as standard, but it is also highly recommended to change to a more secured password. If you are wanting to change  the encryption yourself there are a few different technologies.  The most common are:

 WEP with 64 or 128bit:

This type of encryption has limited security and is quite easy to break


A better Security and is backwards compatible with older routers and USB keys


 The Best security and performance, but may not be compatible with older devices.


3. Check for Viruses, and Malware

Other important ways improve internet speed and performance is to check for viruses and malware.  Make sure that you regularly do a full system scan from your virus software and keep it up to date.  By doing these simple steps, you can prevent nasty malware and viruses clean from your computer.

This can ensure that you keep your personal information such as credit card details safe from hackers. 

Also  your computer needs an occasional tune-up just like your car does. Your files need to be fragmented, also clear your web browser caches, and clean your windows registry as it gets disorganized. 

By doing a system clean you can potentially increase your computers performance as well.  There are lots of free, as well as paid system cleaners on the market.  I highly recommend ccleaner as it’s free and simple to use.


4.Check What Plan You’re on!

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You may need to check what package you have, if you still find that your internet is so slow. 

Today our homes are filled with gadgets which all rely on the internet, if you’re on a cheaper plan, you’re speed may be limited in some way. 

Internet Service Providers usually set a monthly quota limit, when your monthly limit has been reached your speed is reduce to under 256kbps.

It usually depends on your Service Provider. They do this so you don’t have to pay excess charges.  Check your plan, and you may need to upgrade, if it is inefficient for your needs.


5. Call Your Service Provider for Help to find out why your Internet is Slow Today

If Still in doubt call your service provider for assistance, if you have tried the above steps that I have suggested. 

They may be having technical issues on their side so explain to them your problems and they will be able to assist you further. 


Final Thoughts

These are among my top 5 Tip on ways improve internet speed and performance.   There are many other troubleshooting steps to take, also there are other leading factors as to why your Internet speeds are slow.


Other TIPS

Some other ways improve internet speed and performance include:

  • Often when the Service Provider mentions speeds such as 20Mbps, this is not a definite guarantee as there may be contributing factors such as
    • Poor copper line quality,
    • Faulty ADSL line filter and the
    • Distance you are from the Telephone Exchange.









another way improve internet speed and performance is to check with your ISP or perform your own speed test using online tools such as speedtest.net.

You can check what your actual speeds are.  You can also talk to your Service Provider and they can help you troubleshoot your problems.

Do you have some troubleshooting tips?  I’d like to hear from you! Leave your comments below and share with your friends.

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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional