webcam spying is this a myth or real

Webcam Spying – Can Someone Really Access Your Webcam without YOU Knowing about it?

Webcam Spying is always an issue we all have in mind. My brother has always been paranoid about someone watching you through your PC  webcam, have you also had that feeling, that you’d been watched?

 Every time my bro comes over, he says to me “Bro put your webcam up to the celling you don’t know who is watching.” He even would use sticky notes or tape to cover up the webcam. 

 Most of us have smartphones, tablets, and PC with a webcam, but should we really be paranoid about someone watching you through the webcam? Even with highly secured Antivirus and Internet Security software installed on our PC, should we be paranoid or are we just crazy? 

I decided to do a bit of research on this topic, and to my surprise, I found some articles on the net about this dilemma, and people were expressing their opinions on this subject. 

 Even on Yahoo Answers, people were expressing their opinions and asking questions about webcam spying.   I came across an article from Norton Antivirus and they have given a few suggestions, into how to stay safe from webcam hackers.


How Hackers Use Webcam

Most hackers would use a Trojan to access your computer.  If you download a malware from a website or file, your computer will then become vulnerable to webcam attacks.  The way this works is when you open a file that is affected, you could allow access to your computer, thus allowing the hacker to access your computer remotely.  They then can take control of your computer and even spy on you through your web cam.  Here are 5 top tips on how to stay safe online.


1. Don’t click on suspicious attachments. You probably have heard about this one before, but it can be really easy to forget.  Be careful on downloading suspicious files on the net.  Even when you download torrent files, some files can be fake and full of malware.  Also be careful of some of those email attachments.  If you do not know the sender, don’t click on the attachment as it may be a virus. 


2. Use Good well known Anti-virus software. Install a security suite, that has all features such as malware and spyware protection.  Some can even detect suspicious activity in files.  A few good ones are Avast Antvirus and AVG Antivirus these are some products that I recommend to clients and use myself.


3. Avoid webcams in bedrooms. If you really have to, put sticky tape or sticky notes or point webcam to the celling, like my bro would do!


4. Secure your wireless connection. Make sure that you use a unique password.


5. look for the indicator light. Most webcams have a led light, if it comes on unexpectedly, you may have someone spying on you.  You should immediately disconnect it and restart your PC, then do a full system scan of your Antivirus software, to see if your computer has become vulnerable to an attack. 


Is there any other thing I can try to Prevent webcam Hackers?

Nothing beats good quality Antivirus Security software.  However, if you are looking for extra piece of mind, there is a brand new product on the market that I have been trying and also have recommended it to my bro. 


I don’t know how effective it will be, but only time will tell.  This is a product from a company from thunderdense which claims to help your privacy online from hackers using software called Webcam Blocker Pro. 


About Webcam Blocker Pro

After my brother has been so paranoid about this issue, that hackers can watch you through a webcam, I found this product and decided to purchase it. 

 It seems to be a very simple software to use.  And it allows you to block your camera and microphone to hackers. Below is a screenshot of the Graphical Interface.  As you can see it claims to show a system status message showing that my computer may be at risk, if I don’t block certain input devices. 

However, when I disabled my webcam and audio devices and used Skype, I was still able to use my webcam, but it blocked the sound coming in from my USB Headset. 

So when using Skype, be sure to have the setting disabled.  The software seems to be easy to use and it allows you to block and unblock in 1 click. 


webcam spying


Final Verdict

Always be cautious of your online activities, even though your web cam may become hacked, in most cases it is very hard to do so. 

But if you are paranoid about this same issue, if you follow some of these tips you will be well protected from the dangers lurking on the web. 

It is always good to stay safe, and it is always good to take these measures to stay safe online.


What are your experiences?

Are you cautious about issues with webcam spying? Have your say by leaving your comments below.  If you like this article please like and share a like


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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional