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Are your SEO efforts holding you back? Optimize your website the right way with Website Auditor and get your rankings back on track!


It’s not easy to get your website into the top 10 position of search engines. With the help of Website Auditor from link-assistant, this nifty software can help you keep track with your SEO optimization efforts.

Today, I’d like to give you a hands on guide with Website Auditor review. Learn why its the leading software for SEO.


Product NameWebsite Auditor
Overall Ranking:10/10
Price:Individually: $124.75 Professional
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Website Auditor is created by link-assistant and can be downloaded individually or as part of a suite of software from SEO PowerSuite.  Website Auditor is a tool which can help anyone who has a website, to rank on page 1 in search engines, with their keywords.  

I have been really impressed with the features that Website Auditor has to offer. This tool has really helped me to understand SEO better. It has also allowed me to improve my website SEO efforts. 


Website Auditor Review

Continuing with my website auditor review, everyone who has a website would know how hard it is to get to page one on Google or other search engines. 

With the help of Website Auditor, this tool will help you with your on page SEO optimization efforts, without having to pay a hefty price tag to SEO Professionals. 

Website Auditor has got to be one of my favourite tools in the suite. Once you analyse your website, the software will break down the contents of your page. It will recommend where you need to focus your on page SEO efforts. 

software overview



According to website Auditor there are a few key areas in which you need your website to rank in search engines.  Once your website is analysed it will break down your website and suggest where you need to make improvements in these key areas:

  • Indexing and Crawl ability
  • Redirects
  • Encoding and technical factors
  • URLs
  • Links
  • On-page

Website Auditor will give you a colour code in these areas if it finds problems with your pages, and recommendations to implement. 

  • A Red X will indicate that you need to make changes urgently.
  • A Yellow Astricks will indicate that changes are neededed
  • A Blue i will indicate changes which may or may not be needed.

It is then up to you to make changes, and within a few weeks you can start to see improvements for your keywords in Google Rankings. 


Content Analysis

Continuing on with my website auditor review, the content Analysis section is where content analysis will give you recommendations.  These recommendations, will help to optimize your page contents for keywords that you want to rank.  According to Website Auditor, there are a few key areas in which you need to optimize your content, to rank for your keywords.

  • Title of the Page
  • Meta Tags
  • Body
  • Images


Then there are technical aspects which include:

  • Page availability
  • URL
  • On page and off page Links




In the Reports Section you can create a report to give to your clients or use for your own website review, you can either print the report or create pdf file.




Pros and Cons on Website Auditor

 Website Auditor review Pros

  • Nice simple to use tool
  • Simple to follow report where you need to focus to optimize your keywords
  • There are lots of video and training to follow


Website Auditor Review Cons

  • Sometimes some parts of reports wont make sense, for example it would say pages with rel=canonical (newbies may not understand some elements)
  • Newbies may have trouble implementing recommendations


Website auditor review – Price

Website Auditor can be purchase individually or as part of a SEO Powersuite.



Website Auditor Professional: $124.75

Website Auditor Enterprise: $299.75


Final Thoughts website Auditor Review

I hope you liked my blog about website auditor review.  Overall, I am really impressed with what website auditor has to offer.  The dashboard has a nice clean layout of key areas, where you need to improve your SEO strategies.  However newbies may have trouble, and may need a hands on how to guides to implement some parts of the reports.  If you are looking for software to help drive your keywords to search engines, and get a top 10 placement in search engines, then Website Auditor is a must have. 


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Anthony Rousek


Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

Anthony Rousek
Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional
  • J Kirby Inwood

    I am having constant problems with Web Site Auditor. I run it and get different broken links reported.
    One time it reported 459 broken links on a subsection with only 50 pages. Next run it reported 325 or so broken links.
    There are NO broken links in that section whatsoever.