WP Affiliate Boxes Plugin – Review

WP Affiliate Boxes

WP Affiliate Boxes

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        • - Simple and Easy to use graphic user interface.
        • - Lots of Features


          Wp Affiliate boxes is a wordpress plugin created by Kurt chrisler.This plugin allows you to jazz up your affiliate promotions on your website. It’s a great way, to make your pictures stand out so you can get more clicks.

          wp affilaite boxes

          Features of WP Affiliate Boxes

          • WP Affiliate boxes plugin comes with complete customization styles, where you can customize the look and design of your affiliate boxes easily.
          • You can choose from a list of different attention grabbing graphics, to add a personal touch to your affiliate boxes.
          • The plugin comes with built in analytics, so you can easily monitor your affiliate boxes in real time. You will be able to see which of your affiliate boxes are performing well and which are not. If there is a particular affiliate box, that is not performing well, you can easily switch it for a new one
          • Promote any affiliate products from any vendors such as clickbank and jvzoo.

          Hands on with WP Affiliate Boxes

          The plugin is pretty easy to use.  When you open the plugin, you are presented with a clean simple to use interface.  All you need to do is enter the headline, image, affiliate link and description then choose your style color and graphic. wp leadpages interface

          Once you save your settings, you will then be given a shortcode.  You will have to add a shortcode to your blog post.  Check out my example in the image below.

          wp leadpages shortcode

          That’s it, you now have successfully created your affiliate boxes.  You can choose a design from 3 different styles such as rectangle boxes, square boxes, and banner boxes.

          Final Thoughts

          This plugin is for any newbie, new to webdesign who needs a simple solution to be able to promote their affiliate products.  It is very simple to use and you will have the ability to have a professional looking website.

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          Anthony Rousek


          Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional

          Anthony Rousek
          Technology Enthusiast, blogger and Microsoft Certified Professional